Dedicated to the Ultimate in Radiology and Imaging to Find, Treat & Cure.

McLeod Health has a long history of dedication to providing the latest and best technology when it comes to radiology and imaging. We diagnose and treat patients of all ages and sizes. From “smart” X-rays that significantly reduce radiation exposure for patients, to heart, vascular and cancer patients benefitting from scanning technology that not only diagnoses but treats them as well. Using advanced technology, McLeod radiology professionals continually set new standards – from 3D Mammograms to diagnostic imaging and treatment through interventional radiology. We seek out the latest science to detect disease, reduce patients’ exposure to radiation and increase survival.

Schedule your mammogram at a McLeod hospital by clicking here or calling McLeod Reservations and Scheduling (843) 777-2095 and choosing option 1. 
  • 3D Mammography at
    McLeod Health

    McLeod Health offers 3D Mammography at its Florence, Cheraw, Clarendon, Dillon, Loris and Seacoast locations. Revolutionizing how breast cancer is detected, 3D Mammography not only produces standard 2D views, but it also allows doctors to examine the breast tissue layer by layer. This advanced technology offers our patients greater accuracy, earlier detection and up to 40 percent fewer recalls for additional testing. Schedule your 3D Mammogram at any of the McLeod Health locations above by clicking here or calling (843) 777-2095 and choose option 1. Click here to see mobile mammography schedule.

  • Schedule Your Mammogram Online

    At McLeod Health, scheduling your mammogram is easier than ever when you use our online appointment tool. Click here to schedule your appointment now or you can call McLeod Reservations and Scheduling (843) 777-2095 and choose option 1.

  • 3D Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Can Be Done in Outpatient Setting

    When a question arises about a lump or abnormality in a woman’s breast, X-ray equipment and a computer work together to create and analyze pictures of the breast. Using computer calculations, radiologists guide a small needle to take a tissue sample. McLeod Health campuses in Florence, Clarendon and Loris offer this “non-surgical” 3D Stereotactic Breast Biopsy.

  • A Long List of Firsts Reflects Our Dedication to Imaging Excellence

    Being first in offering patients many innovative technologies speaks to our focus on improving patient care. Here are a few of the McLeod Health firsts in Florence:


    First hospital in the state to:

    • Install a permanent, fixed-based PET scanner and breast MRI 8-channel biopsy table.
    • Install a 320-slice Aquilion ONE CT scanner, ClearRead Bone Suppression (software that aids in the early detection of lung cancer) and the Siemens Biograph MCT, an innovative and versatile PET/CT Scanner.
    • Offer patients access to 64-slice multi-scanner and high-speed open MRI (Tesla 0.7)
    • Develop sections (departments) of Nuclear Medicine, ultrasound, CT Scanning and Special procedures.
  • CT Scans, Where More “Slices” Yield Sharper Images

    Every McLeod Health hospital – from the Midlands to the Coast – offers CT Scans in their radiology department. The CT captures multiple views or “slices” of the body – the more slices, the more detail doctors see. Many of our units are capable of 16 slices, some 32 or 64 slices and one at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence is capable of 320-slice detail.

  • Moving Beyond Diagnosis, Interventional Radiology Treats Patients

    Some McLeod Radiologists use imaging technology to perform minimally invasive procedures (very small incisions), and work with other specialists to treat cancers, tumors, blood vessel blockages, or liver and kidney problems.

  • Accreditations Endorse the Excellence of McLeod Health Radiology

    McLeod Health has received a stamp of approval in the form of Accreditation by the American College of Radiology. This award validates the excellence and quality of our various radiology departments. At McLeod Regional Medical Center, our Breast Health Center is ACR accredited, as is the Lung Cancer Screening Center, ultrasound, MRI, Breast MRI, CT and PET Scans. At McLeod Health Dillon, McLeod Health Seacoast & McLeod Health Loris, all imaging technology and departments are accredited.