Volunteer Presents Serenity Quilt to McLeod Hospice


Kathy Docherty presented a handmade serenity quilt to the staff of McLeod Hospice on July 8th in memory of her mother, Linnea A. Schut, and the McLeod Hospice team.

When patients at the McLeod Hospice House pass away, the serenity quilt is placed over them as a symbol of comfort. The Hospice House staff then line the halls as a final tribute to the departed and the family as their loved one is escorted from the house.

This special covering made by Kathy features butterflies which symbolize the transformation of the soul from body to spirit, much like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The Greek word for butterfly means “soul” and one of the symbols of hospice is the butterfly.

After her mother’s passing, Kathy became a volunteer for McLeod Hospice.