Tinsley Principal for a Day


The McLeod Loris Seacoast Administrator, Dick Tinsley, stepped into the role of Principal at Loris Middle School on October 14. The school’s
Principal, Ann Hall, offered Mr. Tinsley her role for the day to share his ideas from his business experience.

The Horry County School Principal for a Day program offers community and business leaders an authentic perspective of the operations of
the area schools and its leaders. A Principal in the Horry County School program is the instructional and managerial leader of a specific public school.
The interim Principal is offered the ability to personally observe the rewards, challenges, and satisfaction of the role.

"The level of technological resources the students have available to them at this day and time are remarkable. The students’ ability to conduct
their daily classwork on an electronic tablet shows how the educational system in Horry County is preparing its students for the workplace of today. At Loris
Middle School, and in all Horry County schools, the students are receiving a world class education. It is now up to us to create an economic climate in
Horry County that will provide world class jobs so our graduates can use their skills right here at home," said Dick Tinsley, Administrator of McLeod
Loris Seacoast.

The Horry County School Principal of the Day is a familiar program across the nation. The purpose is to create new partnerships in the community.

About McLeod Loris and McLeod Seacoast:

McLeod Loris and McLeod Seacoast provide care for residents of northern Horry and southern Brunswick and Columbus counties. Founded in 1950, McLeod Loris is a fully-accredited acute care facility with 105 licensed beds.  McLeod Seacoast opened in 2000 as an outpatient facility.  In July 2011, McLeod Seacoast began providing inpatient care as a 50-bed hospital. On January 9, 2012, both facilities became part of the McLeod family of quality healthcare facilities. Another facility located in Horry County affiliated with McLeod Health is the Center for Health and Fitness in Loris.