The Guest House at McLeod


(10/10/11) – "My husband and I were on our way to Florida this pat winter and we took a motel room in Florence. During the night I became ill and was admitted to your wonderful hospital on February 23, 2011.

"After a battery of tests, it was determined that I had contracted bacterial pneumonia and my hero, Dr. Samuel Dozier, immediately put me on antibiotics to combat the infection. He visited often to make sure that his treatment was in fact working and I sensed that his concerns for me were genuine. The entire nursing staff that I met was attentive, very kind and caring. When I was discharged the next afternoon, Dr. Dozier made sure that I was provided with three prescriptions and lots of good advice regarding my care at home.

"However, the icing on the cake was knowing that my husband had a lovely place to spend the night in comfort versus sitting up in a chair waiting for me to get well enough to travel. How absolutely great is that! I really thank God that I go sick in Florence and not some place else.

"All in all, I must say that my experience at McLeod Health is something I will forever appreciate."

Nancy Mac Mullan