The Guest House at McLeod …The Culmination of Dot’s Dream


Dot Johnson, RN was honored at a gathering of her friends, including past and present colleagues, as the Gazebo Garden of the Guest House at McLeod was named in her honor.  A recent generous gift had been made by her cousin to celebrate her birthday.  He very fittingly designated the gift to support the Guest House because of the important role Dot has played in both its establishment and its continued success.

As a Patient Representative at McLeod, Dot was one of the first to recognize the need for a safe, comfortable, inexpensive place for family members to stay while their loved one receives care for serious illness or injury.  When the Guest House opened its doors to patients’ families twenty years ago, September 1995, it was celebrated as a culmination of a dream that had been in the making for many years.

As Dot shared, "The Guest House was needed for all the precious people who come from so far away."  The need Dot identified so many years ago has only intensified as McLeod Health continues to grow in providing specialized services to a larger geographical area.

The Guest House continues to be funded entirely by generous donors to the McLeod Foundation.