Special Room Renovations at McLeod Health Cheraw to Benefit Hospice Patients


Through collaboration with McLeod Hospice and the McLeod Health Foundation, a patient room at McLeod Health Cheraw has been renovated to specifically serve McLeod Hospice patients that require hospitalization.

A patient’s environment can be crucial in maintaining comfort and peace of mind during a terminal illness. “The patient room is spacious and located at the end of the medical surgical main hall, allowing for a more serene experience,” explained Bren Lowe, Administrator of McLeod Health Cheraw. “The renovations make the dedicated room better suited for the comfort and privacy of terminally ill patients and their family members.  In addition, the size of the room allows family members to be with their loved one in a comfortable and home-like environment.

“This new inpatient hospice room at McLeod Health Cheraw is a milestone in the care that McLeod Hospice already provides to our community,” added Lowe.

According to Jill Bramblett, Executive Director of the McLeod Foundation, residents living in Chesterfield and Marlboro counties are very supportive of McLeod Hospice. “The renovated patient room at McLeod Health Cheraw is designed for the comfort and care of McLeod Hospice patients and their families. In addition, the community benefits from this endeavor as well because it allows us to bring features of the McLeod Hospice House closer to those living in Cheraw and the surrounding towns.”

The funds to renovate this patient room were given by a generous donor from Cheraw to help those patients and families in their time of need.