Progress on McLeod Health Carolina Forest Continues


The McLeod Health Carolina Forest campus has seen many changes since construction began in early 2016.

In March of 2017, McLeod Health opened its first building on the 43-acre expansion designed to provide services to meet the healthcare needs of residents within and around the Carolina Forest area.

This building is the first phase of the Carolina Forest project which houses McLeod Family Medicine Carolina Forest (Dr. Ashley Locklear-Batton, Dr. Sara Camarata, Dr. Jason Harrah, Dr. Christopher Stanley) and Atlantic Urology. It has also been structurally designed to offer space for an Emergency Care Center. The Emergency Department area is pending certificate of need approval.

Construction completion is scheduled for November 2017 for the second building. This will be the new home of McLeod Cardiology Associates currently located on 82nd Parkway. There will also be an additional suite designed to allow specialists to see patients in Carolina Forest on a rotating basis.

A temporary modular unit remains on the campus and houses:

  • McLeod Neurology Carolina Forest (Dr. Michael McCaffrey)
  • McLeod Loris Seacoast Surgery (Dr. Amanda Turbeville and Dr. Eric Young) – visiting each Wednesday
  • McLeod Cardiology Associates (Dr. Anne Everman, Dr. William Jackson, Dr. Vaishali Swami and Dr. Neil Trask) – each day one of the cardiologists cares for patients in Carolina Forest while the others practice at the office at 945 82nd Parkway in Myrtle Beach.
  • McLeod Vascular Associates (Dr. David Bjerken) – visiting each Thursday