Physicians Honored with
McLeod Pillars of Professionalism


Pictured with McLeod Regional Medical Center Administrator Marie Saleeby and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeremy Robertson are the recipients of the 2019 Pillars of Professionalism (from left to right) Dr. Bill Edwards, Dr. Howard Farrell, Mrs. Saleeby, Dr. John Browning, Dr. Lawrence Chewning, Dr. Marwan Elya, and Dr. Robertson.

On December 2, five McLeod physicians were honored with the Pillars of Professionalism Awards during a ceremony at the McLeod Pavilion Conference Center. This annual event recognizes those physicians who reflect the highest values in professional excellence.

The honorees included Dr. Howard Farrell, Dr. Bill Edwards, Dr. Lawrence Chewning, Dr. John Browning, and Dr. Marwan Elya.

The intent of the Pillars of Professionalism is to symbolize the ideas that can effect change in the level of physician service excellence in healthcare. The capstone of this structure is Value. Supporting that capstone are five columns of excellence – Educator, Enthusiastic, Ethical, Efficient and Efficacious. These pillars rest on the solid foundation of Emotional Intelligence.

Dr. Farrell received the Educator – Mentor Award. This pillar reflects a teacher whose goal is helping others succeed. Dr. Shawn McKay presented this award to Dr. Farrell, his colleague with Florence Ears, Nose and Throat.

The Enthusiastic – Joy of Medicine Award was presented to Dr. Edwards by his physician partner, Dr. Rakesh Chokshi. This honor is presented to a leader who infects others with excitement and energy about providing healthcare. Dr. Edwards practices as part of McLeod Spine Center.

Dr. Chewning was recognized with the Ethical – Do the Right Thing Award by Dr. Mark Reynolds, Chief of Staff for McLeod Regional Medical Center. The Ethical Pillar represents a trusted and respected steward who balances the needs of the patient with resources to treat their illness. Dr. Chewning retired this fall following 38 years on medical staff as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

The Efficient – Value in Medicine Award was given to Dr. Browning who displays the attributes of being an agile decision maker who can create simplicity out of complexity. Dr. Michael Davidson presented this distinction to Dr. Browning, his colleague in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Dr. Browning serves patients as part of McLeod OBGYN Associates.

Dr. Elya received the Efficacious – Outstanding Outcomes Award from Dr. Vinod Jona, Vice Chief of Medical Staff for McLeod Regional Medical Center. This pillar reflects a knowledgeable and skilled surveyor of risk management and advocate of coordinated care. Dr. Elya cares for patients as an Intensivist at McLeod Regional Medical Center as part of McLeod Critical Care Specialists.

Dr. C. Dale Lusk, Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Health, opened the program with a welcome, followed by an invocation by Rob Colones, President of McLeod Health. He was followed by Dr. Mark Reynolds, Chief of Staff for McLeod Regional Medical Center, and Dr. Jeremy Robertson, Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Regional Medical Center, both who offered remarks during the ceremony.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Robertson said, “It is important to always celebrate our values, and this group of physician honorees exhibit those values for which they were recognized. These pillars serve as the guideposts that lead to medical excellence. We congratulate them on this recognition, and thank them for service to the patients and staff of McLeod.”