Physician to Address Mall Walkers about Lung Health


(3/28/2014)  Mall Walkers at Myrtle Beach Mall will learn about lung health at the group’s April meeting.  Dr. Carol Young, of McLeod Pulmonary and Critical Care Seacoast, will be discussing overall lung health and lung related issues with the group on Tuesday, April 8.

Dr. Young will discuss the role the lungs play in keeping the body strong and well and the importance of providing the lungs with daily care and attention. He will share ways to keep your lungs healthy, such as hydration, breathing exercises and stopping smoking. In addition, he will discuss lung related health problems such as asthma, COPD, emphysema, lung cancer and more.

Mall Walkers meet the first Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in front of JC Penny beside the Food Court at Myrtle Beach Mall. The meeting includes breakfast and features health and wellness screenings and informational segments conducted by medical professionals affiliated with McLeod Loris Seacoast. There is no charge to attend the meeting or join the group.

For more information about McLeod Pulmonary and Critical Care Seacoast, Mall Walkers or outreach events at McLeod Loris Seacoast, call at (843) 390-8326.