Pee Dee Cardiology Expands Cardiac Services Available at McLeod Seacoast


(3/3/2014)   McLeod Physician Associates is pleased to announce that Pee Dee Cardiology has expanded its expert cardiac services at McLeod Seacoast to include electrophysiology care.

Board-certified Electrophysiology (EP) Cardiologist, Dr. Rajesh Malik, offers the rare specialty in evaluating abnormalities of heart rhythms and keeping this vital organ’s electrical circuitry functioning. Dr. Malik, who also serves at the Director of Electrophysiology for the McLeod Heart and Vascular Institute, is one of only two physicians at McLeod Health who deals with the electrical system of the heart or electrophysiology, a study of the electrical impulses of the heart.

According to Dr. Malik, patients who should have Electrophysiology (EP) studies include: patients with documented abnormal heart rhythms, patients with symptoms of palpitations, or abnormal heart rhythms that have been unable to be recorded because they are either too infrequent or too short in time span.  Also included in this studies would be patients with syncope (passing out without evident cause) and anyone at high risk of sudden cardiac death due to either coronary disease, or reduced ejection fraction (squeezing of the heart is weak).  Patients who fall into any of these categories would be referred to Dr. Malik through their cardiologist or family physician.

"I’m happy to be associated with such a reputable hospital," said Dr. Malik.  "I believe that the association between McLeod Health and Pee Dee Cardiology compliments each other well and together we will be able to expand our Electropysiology (EP) services to McLeod Seacoast. Now, patients in northern Horry County, and southern Brunswick and Columbus Counties who are in need of the services of an electrophysiologist will no longer need to travel a great distance, but can receive their care close to home."

Dr. Malik received his medical degree from Armed Forces Medical Colleges in Pune, India, and performed his residency at Wayne State University, in Detroit, Michigan.  He also completed a Cardiovascular Diseases Fellowship and an Electrophysiology Fellowship at the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond.

He is a member of the American College of Physicians, a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and served as the Chairman for "Operation Heartbeat" for the American Heart Association, Marion Chapter.