McLeod Staff Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer on Live 95


Dr. Karim Tazi talks with Ken Ard by skype about advancements in the treatment of breast cancer such as immunotherapy.

McLeod Oncologist Dr. Karim Tazi and Lisa McDonald, Director of Cancer Coordinator for the McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research, were guests on the Live 95 “Good Morning Pee Dee” radio show hosted by Ken Ard on Thursday, October 26.

McDonald discussed with Ard how breast cancer is the number one cancer diagnosed at McLeod each year and the importance of being screened for breast cancer. She also shared the options available to women coping with a breast cancer diagnosis at McLeod such as access to the Breast Oncology Navigator; Shelby’s Group, a Breast Cancer Support Group; the HOPE Resource Center; the Inspirations Gift Shop, and the We’ve Got You Covered gift certificate for patients who will lose their hair due to treatment.

Ard also interviewed Dr. Tazi about advancements in the treatment of breast cancer today and how immunotherapy has made a significant impact on cancer treatment. Immunotherapy is a treatment designed to boost the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. It uses substances or cells made by the body, or treatments created in a lab to improve or restore immune system function.