McLeod Seacoast Opens New Fast Track Area


McLeod Seacoast is pleased to announce the recent addition of a Fast Track patient treatment area within the Emergency Department. This newly designed area offers less critical emergency patients the opportunity to receive treatment in a designated area faster.

The five-room Fast Track area also allows the hospital to offer a more efficient patient experience in the Emergency Department. Excellent patient care, a core value of McLeod Health, is the primary goal of this project. The establishment of the Fast Track area for minor injuries and illnesses results in shorter wait times and improved patient satisfaction.

“We recognized that patients with non-critical illnesses or injuries waited longer time periods to see a provider due to the most serious patient care needs coming first. Now, with five Fast Track treatment rooms, we will be able to offer decreased wait times to both patient populations,” said Karri Francis, McLeod Seacoast Emergency Department Director. “Our ultimate goal is to get patients to the providers quickly while delivering excellent care in a timely manner.”

In the spring of 2016, McLeod Seacoast expanded the Emergency Department as part of the first phase in an overall construction plan that includes a new inpatient tower and operating rooms as well as an expanded same-day services suite. The second phase of construction included the development of the Fast Track area to rapidly treat less complex emergency cases, which supports easing congestion and lowering wait times.