McLeod Seacoast ED Wall Signing Event


Little River, SC—August 26, 2015—McLeod Seacoast staff gathered in the construction area of the new McLeod Seacoast Emergency Department to sign an unfinished wall memorializing the expansion of the facility on Tuesday, August 25.

Dick Tinsley, Administrator of McLeod Loris Seacoast, remarked during the festivities, "The signing of this wall today is a symbol of the teamwork that it takes to bring great healthcare services to our communities.”

As the community grows, so do the healthcare needs of residents of all ages and medical issues. For this reason, McLeod Seacoast is expanding its Emergency Department.

Allen Smith, of Balfour Beatty Construction Company, addressed the group at the ceremony as well. “It is great to be part of this project which is so significant to this community.”

The estimated date of completion is February 2016. The project will add 9600 square feet to the facility, while currently the Emergency Department stands at 5332 square feet. This expansion project will make a total of 24 exam rooms in the Emergency Department. McLeod Health truly has a vested interest in this community, and now an investment of $5 million to add for this addition reflects the intention of commitment and service.

McLeod Seacoast Emergency Department has continually inclined over the last few years. So far in 2015, it is trending at 10.24% over last year. These numbers substantiate the need for growth.

Following the presentation, team members of McLeod Seacoast Emergency Department were provided the opportunity to sign the wall first. The Emergency staff was led by Tim Carr, M.D., McLeod Seacoast Medical Director and Michele Davies, RN, Emergency Department Director.

Participants in the event responded with enthusiasm during these historic activities, underscoring the growth of McLeod services in the region.