McLeod Resource Center Offers an October Special on Hospital Grade Bulb Syringes


(9/26/12) – The McLeod Resource Center is now offering monthly sales with select items at ten percent off.

The featured discount item for October is Hospital Grade Bulb Syringes to help your little one breathe better. This item is especially beneficial during winter months when babies tend to get runny noses and sniffles. These bulb syringes are great to have in the nursery as well as the diaper bag when on-the-go.

The McLeod Resource Center also provides a friendly staff to assist with all your family’s healthcare needs from pregnancy and childbirth to information about other health conditions and topics. Many items for expectant mothers are available at the Resource Center, such as childbirth and parenting magazines, baby care booklets, and samples of baby and maternity products.

The McLeod Resource Center is located at 927 East Day Street in Florence. For more information, please call (843) 777-2890 or (843) 777-5493.