McLeod Regional Medical Center
Robotic Team Reaches Milestone


The McLeod Regional Medical Center robotic-assisted surgery team of highly skilled surgeons and well-trained operating room staff recently performed their 1,000 robotic-assisted surgical procedure. Robotic-assisted surgery at McLeod Regional Medical Center is performed by McLeod General Surgeons, Gynecologists, and a Thoracic Surgeon. McLeod Health Seacoast also offers robotic-assisted surgery for general surgery and urology patients.

Robotic-assisted surgery, like minimally invasive surgery, is an alternative to traditional open surgery and is performed through a few small incisions. During surgery, the surgeon controls the robot’s every move while seated at a console in the operating room. The surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements guide the robot manipulating the surgical instruments inside the patient. The robot becomes an extension of the surgeon’s hands. The surgeon views the surgical site through a high-definition 3-D camera. This magnified imagery provides enhanced visibility and improved dexterity for the surgeon.

Robotic-assisted surgery provides many benefits to the patient including: less pain, minimal scarring, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, and a quicker return to normal activities. Conditions treated include: hernias, gallbladder, colon cancer, reflux disease, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, tumors, congenital or acquired ureter disease, vaginal prolapse, endometriosis, hysterectomy, prostate cancer, kidney disease and bladder cancer.

At McLeod, robotic-assisted surgery is a team approach with a designated team of operating room staff specially trained to work with each surgeon and surgical specialty. The robotic-assisted surgical team consists of a physician assistant, operating room nurses, and surgical technologists in addition to the surgeon.

Robotic-assisted surgery is not for everyone. Only a physician can determine if it is the right surgical option.