McLeod Regional Medical Center Establishes Nurse Residency Program


Pictured are the General Track McLeod Nurse Residency Program participants. This program was established to help transition to a rewarding nursing career while growing and developing as nursing leaders.

The Mission of McLeod Health is to improve the overall health and well-being of the people living within South Carolina and eastern North Carolina by providing excellence in health care, and McLeod Nurses are an instrumental part of that goal.

With a commitment to its nurses and patients, McLeod Regional Medical Center has established a Nurse Residency Program.

This 12-month program goes beyond the standard hospital orientation program. It provides a collaborative learning environment where nurses not only transition to a rewarding nursing career, but also grow and develop as nursing leaders.

The program allows nurses to refine their nursing skills and enhance their prioritization, time, and stress management skills. It maximizes learning by incorporating classroom training, hands-on skills validations and group activities. Also, this program enables nurses to establish new personal and professional relationships.

The Clinical Nurse Mentor guides each nurse on their journey throughout the program, working collaboratively with nurse managers, supervisors, nurse educators, clinical nurse managers and other nursing colleagues at McLeod to foster and support their professional growth.

“The Nurse Residency Program reinforces our commitment to nursing excellence and enhancing the patient experience through evidenced-based practices,” said Tony Derrick, Chief Nursing Officer for McLeod Regional Medical Center. “This experience will set nurses on a path to innovation and discovery as they fulfill their calling.”