McLeod Recognizes World Stroke Day

29 OCTOBER 2020

Each year, October 29 is known as World Stroke Day. McLeod Health strives to help raise awareness of stroke knowledge and stroke prevention.

This year 14.5 million people will have a stroke, according to the World Stroke Organization. Here are steps you can take to help prevent a stroke:

  • Control blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Keep blood sugar down
  • Get active
  • Eat healthy
  • Lose weight if needed
  • Don’t smoke

All McLeod Health hospitals are stroke certified affirming they are equipped to provide care to patients with acute stroke symptoms who seek life-saving treatment from the emergency department. It is essential to help prevent a stroke from occurring by seeking medical treatment quickly at the first onset of symptoms. If you think someone may be having a stroke call 911 right away.

Click the below video for more information.