McLeod Rated No. 5 in the Nation
for Consumer Loyalty


McLeod Regional Medical Center has received a 2017-2018 NRC Health Consumer Loyalty Award. McLeod is rated No. 5 in the nation for this inaugural consumer loyalty rating.

In 2018, NRC Health fully adopted the Loyalty Index as its single trackable metric and benchmark of healthcare consumer loyalty. This metric provides a 360-degree view of consumer loyalty and recognizes top performers in the healthcare industry.

“McLeod is honored to be rated as the No. 5 hospital in the nation for Consumer Loyalty by NRC Health,” said Jumana Swindler, Vice President of Communications and Public Information. “We understand that loyalty is only as strong as a person’s most recent experience. We believe this is a reflection of our mission and core values of caring, the person, quality and integrity of our nearly 9,000 physicians, medical professionals and staff as they seek to focus on every patient, every day.”

NRC added that consumers have more choice than they’ve ever had when it comes to their health care and the Consumer Loyalty Award winners like McLeod are at the forefront of this shift towards a consumer-centered approach to care. McLeod is also among the 71 percent of provider organizations citing patient engagement as a top priority.

More than 310,000 households nationwide were polled from June 2017 through May 2018 as part of NRC’s market insight survey.