McLeod Physicians Raise Breast Cancer Awareness


Dr. Amy Murrell talks with Ken Ard by skype about advancements in breast cancer surgery.

McLeod Breast Surgeon Dr. Amy Murrell and McLeod Oncologist Dr. Ravneet Bajwa were guests on the Live 95 “Wake Up Carolina” radio show hosted by Ken Ard on Thursday, October 10.

Dr. Murrell discussed with Ard the importance of raising awareness of breast cancer and the recent advancements that have been made in surgery including plastic reconstructive surgery. She also shared details with listeners about the McLeod for Health Florence Open USTA Women’s Professional Tennis Tournament that begins October 13th and runs through the 20th. The tournament benefits Susan G. Komen South Carolina.

Ard interviewed Dr. Bajwa about breast cancer being the number one cancer diagnosis at McLeod each year and how research and 3D technology is improving breast cancer survival. She added that we now have multiple drugs to treat women with breast cancer and some of these are targeted agents. Dr. Bajwa also explained thanks to supportive medications that patients will now go through chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted treatment without side effects, or very minimal side effects.