McLeod Physicians Honored with Teacher of the Year Awards from USC School of Medicine – Florence


McLeod Health congratulates McLeod Physicians Dr. Adnan Alsaka and Dr. John Sonfield for receiving the 2020 Teacher of the Year Award from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine – Florence.

This award is selected by vote of the medical students pursuing rotations at McLeod Regional Medical Center. Having also received this award in 2019, Dr. Alsaka and Dr. Sonfield have been honored by the students for two consecutive years.

“The USC School of Medicine is grateful to these physicians for their commitment to teaching our future physicians,” said Dr. Alan Sechtin, Assistant Dean of Medical Education at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Florence Regional Campus. “I have said openly to many people it is one thing to be hired as an academic teacher, quite another, to be willing to teach in a private practice setting. These physicians are incredibly valuable to our school and our hospital system.”