McLeod Physicians Appear on Live 95 with Ken Ard


McLeod Cardiologist Dr. Anil Om explains how McLeod Cardiology Associates in Florence now offers same day appointments for new patients.

As a kick-off to our February Heart Month community education efforts, Dr. Alan Blaker and Dr. Anil Om with McLeod Cardiology Associates were guest speakers on the “Good Morning Pee Dee Show with Ken Ard” on Live 95 on January 24.

Dr. Blaker discussed Cardiac Calcium Scoring, a non-invasive CT scan to help patients determine their risk level for heart disease. Dr. Om talked with Ard about same day discharge for low-risk patients having heart catheterizations and same day appointments.

To provide new patients easier access to heart care, McLeod Cardiology Associates in Florence offers same day appointments. Patients who call before noon can see a cardiologist that afternoon and patients who call after noon will see a cardiologist the next day.