McLeod Physician Honored with Hypertension Champion of the Year Award


Dr. Gerard Jebaily, Program Director of the McLeod Family Medicine Residency Program, was awarded the 2021 Hypertension Champion of the Year Award. The award was presented by Dr. Dan Lackland with the Department of Neurology for the Medical University of South Carolina.

Representing the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida Chapter of the American Society of Hypertension, Dr. Lackland said, “Dr. Jebaily has been a major influence in getting patients’ blood pressures under control as well as working with the McLeod Family Medicine Residents in education and keeping patients out of the emergency room. As a result of Dr. Jebaily’s work, strides have been made in the drop of stroke rates.”

Dr. Jebaily’s award was presented as part of the 2021 Chronic Disease Prevention Symposium. In accepting the award, Dr. Jebaily said, “To make this a success it has been a partnership. We reach out into the community to provide education, work with our patients to get their blood pressure below 130 and take care of them before they need to go to the hospital. This award is a great honor. I accept this award on behalf of the McLeod Family Medicine Residency Program and McLeod Health.”