McLeod Pediatric Rehabilitation Receives Grant from Duke Energy Foundation


The lineman with Duke Energy pose for a picture with some of the McLeod Pediatric Rehabilitation patients on April 18. The Duke Energy Foundation made a donation in honor of National Lineman Appreciation Day to the McLeod Foundation to support the McLeod Pediatric Rehab literacy program.

In honor of National Linemen Appreciation Day on April 18, Duke Energy donated $2,000 from the Duke Energy Foundation to the McLeod Foundation to support McLeod Pediatric Rehabilitation’s literacy program.

National Linemen Appreciation Day recognizes line workers across the country and their vital role in maintaining and growing the energy infrastructure, their work to protect public safety after catastrophic events, and keeping the electricity working for the communities that depend on them.

“When we started looking at ways to show Duke Energy’s team how important they are to our communities and express our gratitude, the feedback we received from them was overwhelming. They would rather give back to the community and spend time helping others, especially kids,” said Mindy Taylor, government and community relations manager for Duke Energy. “This is why they chose to spend time with the great patients and staff of McLeod Pediatric Rehabilitation.”

A number of linemen from the Pee Dee spent time with the patients of McLeod Pediatric Rehabilitation, reading to them and showcasing their equipment. They also gave each child a coloring book and a hat. The patients greeted the linemen with lemonade and a hand-painted banner.

About McLeod Pediatric Rehabilitation
McLeod Pediatric Rehabilitation provides children with advanced therapeutic support to help them achieve developmental milestones. The team of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists specialize in pediatric therapeutic care and treatment of developmental delay, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, spina bifida, autism, orthopedic conditions, genetic disorders, muscular dystrophy, and neurological conditions.