McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit Screens 10,000th Patient



For more than five years, the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit has made a significant impact on the lives of women across Northeastern South Carolina, detecting a total of 42 cases of breast cancer in more than eleven counties throughout the region.

On October 1, 2013, Tricia Quarles became the 10,000th patient to receive a mammogram on the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit during a visit to McLeod Family Medicine Timmonsville.

"This was my first visit to the unit, and I had a great experience," said Tricia Quarles. "It was very convenient. I was able to take advantage of the screening on my lunch break. This is a wonderful service that women should take advantage of."

Tricia works at ACS Technologies where McLeod Occupational Health recently opened an on-site health clinic and will soon host visits by the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit as well.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in South Carolina regardless of race. It is also the second leading cause of cancer deaths for women in the state and the leading cancer site diagnosed at McLeod Health.

October, which is observed as national breast cancer awareness month, kicks off the busiest season of screenings on the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit.

About the Unit
For many women in the region, access to a screening mammogram is being improved by the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit, which each week travels to businesses, industries, healthcare facilities and health fairs. Typical days of service are Monday through Thursday.

The unit provides a convenient, comfortable, and private setting in which women can undergo a screening mammogram, a digital X-ray of the breast used to detect breast changes in women who have no signs or symptoms of breast cancer.

Women may schedule a mammogram on the mobile unit by calling McLeod Reservations and Scheduling at (843) 777 – 2095. Please mention that you are scheduling an appointment on the Mobile Mammography Unit and the date of the visit. For more information on appointment criteria or upcoming visits open to the public, please visit

To schedule the unit to come to your business, please call (843) 777 – 5657.

The Mobile Mammography Unit is part of the continued commitment of McLeod Health to the women of the Pee Dee and Coastal regions. The unit is the first of its kind for the northeastern region of South Carolina and was the first digital mobile mammography unit in the state. The unit is accredited by the American College of Radiologists.

The McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit was purchased by the McLeod Health Foundation through funds donated by generous supporters.