McLeod Medical Center Dillon Hosts Pregnancy Celebration on April 25


McLeod Medical Center Dillon will host a Pregnancy Celebration on Thursday, April 25, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the hospital. Expectant parents are invited to attend this event.

Pregnancy is a very exciting time for expectant parents. Whether it’s a first or sixth pregnancy, there is great anticipation and planning that goes into bringing that precious new life into the world. Helping women to successfully plan for this very special event in their lives is the goal of our Early Pregnancy Celebration. A light meal will be served.

Tracey Campbell, RN, a nurse of 15 years experience with the McLeod Dillon OB Unit and Birthing Center, commented on why it is important for expectant parents to attend, "At this event, soon to be parents will learn what to expect during pregnancy and afterwards and will find out what resources are available – here at McLeod Dillon and within our community. This is an opportunity to meet those that will be providing care during and after delivery. We have designed the event to educate expecting parents so that they enjoy a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. OBGYNs, Pediatricians and the anesthesia team will be in attendance at the Pregnancy Celebration for expecting parents to meet, get to know, and ask questions about the childbirth experience, child care after the baby is born, and pain management during delivery and other topics."

Topics will include information on pregnancy, nutrition, childbirth experience, breast feeding, parenting hints, safety tips, ideas on preparing for the baby, and local obstetrical and pediatric services. There will also be a tour of the spacious Women’s Center with state of the art birthing suites. Door prizes will be given away during the event.

To register, please call the McLeod Dillon Birthing Center (843) 774-1300.