McLeod Loris Staff Celebrates
Volunteer’s 99th Birthday


The administration and staff of McLeod Loris hosted a hospital-wide birthday party for Volunteer Sallie Kapps’ 99th birthday on February 20. Sallie has been a volunteer in the hospital gift shop for 34 years. She started volunteering at the hospital soon after her retirement in 1984. Prior to her volunteer work at McLeod Loris, Sallie was a librarian with the Horry County School System.

“Good friends are the secret to a long life well lived,” stated Sallie. “I’m fortunate to be able to still volunteer and help our visitors at the hospital.”

Sallie moved to the Loris community when she began her teaching career in her early 20s. She went on to marry Dr. Loy Kapps, a local dentist, and together they had four children.

“We are blessed to have Mrs. Sallie,” said Nancy Barnes, Vice President of Patient Services. “She greets every visitor with a smile and is an inspiration to our staff.”