McLeod Hospice Sensory Garden – Once a Dream, Now a Reality


(6/08/09) – The McLeod Hospice Sensory Garden is a dream that began when Eleanor Becker, the mother of Dr. Carolyn Reynolds, was a patient at the McLeod Hospice House. The care given lovingly by a professional staff and the comfortable surroundings of this wonderful haven were greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Becker longed to spend time during her final days enjoying the world of nature that had meant so much to her. Dr. Reynolds soon realized that , while the gardens around the Hospice House provided solace and beauty, they did not allow the patient to fully experience the many sensory delights available through the gift of nature.

After her mother’s passing, Dr. Reynolds and her family decided to spearhead an effort to create a sensory garden for the Hospice House so that patients, their families, and friends could fully savor the many aspects of our miraculous world.

Dale Locklair, a Clemson trained horticulturist, and Associate Vice President for Real Estate and Procurement Services at McLeod, has designed a unique garden experience especially for Hospice patients and their families that will permeate the senses, stimulating savored memories. As a focal point, the garden walk is shaped in the infinity symbol, reminding us that life is eternal. Fully wheelchair accessible, immobile patients can also experience the fullness of the garden from the soothing feel of water on their feet at the fountain pool to the sands of the beach. A koi pond and butterfly/hummingbird garden will charm patients and their families with the joys of God’s delightful creatures. Throughout the garden, soothing sounds of wind chimes will fill the air, as perfume wafts from the Carolina cut flower and herb garden, filling the senses with delightful fragrance and aroma. The garden, like life, is a changing experience and is designed to be unique at all hours. Nighttime will fetch unique flowers and accent lights, beckoning stargazers. Designed with family privacy in mind, the garden presents many opportunities for family intimacy, while evoking precious memories of the past.

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