McLeod Honors Its Palmetto Gold Nurses


McLeod Health recently announced that 12 McLeod Registered Nurses (RN) were selected to receive the 2017 Palmetto Gold Award. McLeod Health is proud to honor these 12 nurses who represent McLeod Regional Medical Center, McLeod Health Clarendon, McLeod Darlington, McLeod Dillon and McLeod Seacoast: Thomas Chappell, Michele Davies, Cheryl Dulac, Hannah Herring, Abby Lambert, Julie Lambrou, Bridget Long, Elaine McElveen, Sondra Moseley, Cheryl Neuner, Penny Pahis, and Chappel Timmons.

They join the ranks of the 155 previous McLeod Nurses who have received this outstanding award.

These award recipients will be recognized on a state level in Columbia on April 22. Please acknowledge these recipients and thank them for their exceptional service to our patients and McLeod Health.

The Palmetto Gold Award is a program that was started by various nursing organizations throughout South Carolina as a platform to recognize nursing, and support nursing education with scholarship funds. Each year, employers from across a wide variety of South Carolina health care settings nominate outstanding nurses from their organizations to be considered as one of the 100 nurses honored with this prestigious award.