McLeod Health Partners with Stroke Tele Specialists


To provide patients with the best chance of returning to a pre-stroke state of health, McLeod Health has partnered with TeleSpecialists. TeleSpecialists is a web-based, telemedicine system. Through this system, urgent, specialized stroke consultations are delivered to the physicians and nurses caring for acute stroke patients in any McLeod Emergency Department. Emergency Departments often receive stroke patients but do not have 24/7 coverage from a neurologist for the rapid evaluation of patients presenting with stroke symptoms.

TeleSpecialists is available in both the Emergency Department and in inpatient settings throughout the McLeod Health system to evaluate patients within a moment’s notice of any sudden stroke symptoms. TeleSpecialists use a telemedicine portal at the bedside to evaluate the patient and interact with the on-site nurses and physicians caring for the patient. The TeleSpecialists physicians are board certified vascular neurologists who are well-versed in stroke care.

TeleSpecialists evaluations for our stroke patients are available in all of our facilities, including Florence, Dillon, Cheraw, Clarendon, Loris, Seacoast, and Carolina Forest. Shorter times to patient evaluation, care, and treatment lead to better outcomes for patients. Time is brain and being able to see a specialist in stroke very quickly will provide our patients with the best outcomes possible. If you or a loved one is experiencing facial drooping, arm or leg weakness, or a change in speech, don’t wait. Call 911 for care and get to an emergency department as quickly as possible.