McLeod Health Loris Opens New Operating Room


McLeod Health Loris recently opened a new operating room as part of a continued facilities expansion project. The new operating room (OR) will enable McLeod Health Loris to continue to grow the Dialysis Access Center led by Vascular Surgeon Dr. David Bjerken.

The Dialysis Access Center is one of only two in the state of South Carolina that exclusively works with patients suffering from End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Patients are referred to Dr. Bjerken in order to create a new access or correct an existing access for patients who need hemodialysis. Patients with ESRD require life-saving hemodialysis treatment and a viable access to deliver the treatment is critical and time-sensitive.

Traditionally, kidney failure patients have had to wait to be added onto a surgeon’s schedule or miss an important treatment. Dr. Bjerken has dedicated his entire practice to being available for these patients to prevent delays in their care.

“Kidney failure patients need this life preserving dialysis treatment,” said Dr. Bjerken.  “However, creating and maintaining effective access for dialysis treatment requires a complex and creative process, very much a constant challenge. This new operating room gives us the ability to impact more patients’ lives.”

Since its inception in 2018, the Dialysis Access Center has grown by 250% and continues to grow. Patients have come to Loris for care from as far north as Lumberton, NC, and as far south as Georgetown, SC.

“McLeod Health Loris remains committed to meeting the needs of our community,” said McLeod Health Loris Administrator Scott Montgomery. “Over the past five years we have renovated and expanded our facilities to provide for our patients and deliver excellent care.”


Pictured: Members of the OR team, Vascular Surgeon Dr. David Bjerken, McLeod Health Board of Trustees Chairman Ronald Fowler and McLeod Health CEO Scott Montgomery.