McLeod Health Honors Two Outstanding Leaders


It was a night honoring the past, present and future. McLeod Health celebrated the unveiling of portraits to distinguish two outstanding individuals – D. Laurence McIntosh and J. Bruce Barragan. Watch the video from the event by clicking here.

During a portrait unveiling ceremony on November 10, Rob Colones, President and CEO of McLeod Health, opened the evening attended by the honorees, their family members, friends and former colleagues, with the invocation. Benjamin T. Zeigler, Chairman of the McLeod Health Board of Trustees, provided the welcoming remarks, “I have the honor and privilege both to serve as Chairman of the McLeod Health Board of Trustees, and to be a part of this long overdue honor of two men who have played a leading role in making McLeod the memorable institution it is today. It is truly a joyful and momentous day in the history of McLeod.”

Zeigler and Frank J. “Buddy” Brand, II, Vice Chair of the McLeod Health Board of Trustees, then recognized McIntosh for his service to the McLeod Health Board for 22 years.

McIntosh joined the McLeod Health Board of Trustees in 1980, recalled Ziegler.

“He began his service on the board as chairman in 1982, the genesis of two decades of committed and great leadership. During Laurence’s oversight as board chairman more attention to regional selection of trustees was made. Representatives for all primary and secondary service areas were elected and had a voice in the delivery of care for their communities. Laurence also pushed for growth as a competitive hospital and promoting the relationship between medical staff physicians, the board, and the administration. We are thankful for visionaries like Laurence whose footprints have come before and lead us on a path to support healing and hope.”

Brand added, “Laurence led us beyond a second century of delivering on the promise of excellence in care. He helped us develop a firm foundation to deliver excellence and quality in healthcare through commitment and courage. His tenure in the role of board chairman for 20 years makes him the longest serving chairman of the organization, distinguished by great achievements and continued confidence in his ability to lead and inspire others. Please join me in honoring this man of integrity, generosity and leadership who advanced improvement and growth in community for nearly a century.”

Following the portrait unveiling for McIntosh, Dr. Charles Jordan, former Senior Vice President of McLeod Physician Associates, and Jeannette Glenn, former Senior Vice President of McLeod Health Human Resources, Training and Education, commemorated Barragan’s vision and influence during the enormous growth of McLeod Health from 1980 to 2002.

“It was evident from the very beginning of Bruce’s tenure that his leadership style, charismatic personality and vision would begin to move this flagship forward,” said Dr. Jordan. “During his nearly 23 years of service at McLeod, Bruce’s vision and influence is reflected in the enormous growth of McLeod at that time, its huge impact on attracting new business, industry and quality professionals to the region, and by the tremendous loyalty and respect the more than 4,500 employees of McLeod had for him. His predominant concern for the medical center was to provide excellent care for patients and the availability of necessary treatments, services and medical programs essential to meeting the health concerns of our residents. His personal and professional agenda for those more than two decades demonstrated a positive and Christian character in selfless service to others. Bruce was instrumental in moving McLeod from a single medical center with less than 100 physicians and approximately 1,500 employees, to a comprehensive regional system that served this region of the state. These roots continue as the Medical Center and McLeod Health has flourished into a system of seven hospitals and nearly 100 physician practices today.”

According to Mrs. Glenn, “Early on in his administration an expectation, cultural change, was laid out for all levels of the organization with required education. MRMC not only meant McLeod Regional Medical Center but it most importantly meant McLeod Really Means Caring! This was daily demonstrated by his warm smile, kindness, and courtesies shown to all who crossed his path or entered his office. Within McLeod’s culture an expectation of living the Values of McLeod, Caring, People, Quality and Integrity, in all encounters were expected and demonstrated by the chief cheer leader, Bruce. For the workforce, he was and continues to be truly a rock star! As staff was about their daily duties it was not uncommon to see Bruce walking the halls, speaking, smiling and picking up trash, holding a door or an elevator for employees or visitor or strolling the grounds, speaking to employees by their names. He led by example. Congratulations on your portrait unveiling on this historic day.”

Donna Isgett, Chief Operating Officer for McLeod Health, closed the presentation with comments reflecting the legacy of both men, who laid the foundation of a culture of quality and compassion. “This remarkable past fostered the environment of growth and commitment to patient care at McLeod and inspires us with hope in the future of healthcare.”

McLeod has a long-standing tradition of acknowledging the life-time achievements of McLeod Physicians, Nursing Professionals and Organizational Leaders. One of the most significant opportunities for recognizing meritorious service and paying tribute to the fine character of these individuals is through the act of commissioning a portrait in their honor by the McLeod Health Board of Trustees. The artist’s rendering of these individuals are placed on permanent display in areas representative of both the location of their service as well as commemorating their expertise in the field.

Tuesday’s event marked the 30th and 31st portraits honoring individuals during the past three decades.

About McLeod Health
Founded in 1906, McLeod Health is a locally owned and managed, not-for-profit organization supported by the strength of approximately 750 members of its medical staff and more than 2,000 registered nurses. McLeod Health is also composed of approximately 8,500 employees and more than 90 physician practices throughout its 18-county service area reaching from the South Carolina Midlands to the Coast. Hospitals within McLeod include McLeod Regional Medical Center, McLeod Behavioral Health, McLeod Health Dillon, McLeod Health Loris, McLeod Health Seacoast, McLeod Health Cheraw and McLeod Health Clarendon. The 43-acre Carolina Forest campus is envisioned with seven buildings offering primary care, outpatient services and a hospital.