McLeod Health Clarendon Announces
Healthcare Careers Program


Eaddy Osteen and Kaitlyn Jordan are participating in the Healthcare Careers program at McLeod Health Clarendon.

McLeod and other healthcare industries are faced with the challenge of a continual need for dedicated, compassionate, competent, and patient individuals who have a sincere desire to serve others. The healthcare field is the second largest employer in America today with allied health and nursing professions having a higher rate of growth over any other segment of the job market.

To support efforts that foster interest in healthcare careers among high school students, a Healthcare Careers program has been established at McLeod Health Clarendon in partnership with Laurence Manning Academy.

“School officials approached McLeod Health Clarendon about forming a partnership to provide an observational program so that students of all ages may become acquainted with healthcare opportunities,” said Rachel Gainey, McLeod Health Clarendon Administrator.

The first four to six weeks of the Health Careers Program are didactic in nature and consist of operational training by the instructor and topic speaker discussions. Health Career Professionals are invited to come to the class to present their own personal journeys into medicine and give details about a career in their specialties. These are mostly, but not all, clinical professionals such as: Family Medicine Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Nursing Directors, Paramedics, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Medical Students, Residents, Coordinators, Administrators, Pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

The second portion of the class is observational and lasts approximately ten weeks. Students are coordinated to rotate through various departments of the hospital. Each rotation is one to two weeks, and students are on site five hours per week.

“Most people think only of doctors and nurses when they think of healthcare,” said Gretta Corning, Healthcare Career Coordinator for Laurence Manning Academy. “We want students to realize that there are many more opportunities available in healthcare and to assist the students as they make career choices.”