McLeod Health Cheraw Purchases New Beds to Reduce Falls


McLeod Health Cheraw recently purchased ten Stryker iBeds and the iBed Vision software for the Medical Surgical Department. McLeod teams and Stryker are working collaboratively on fall prevention efforts and plan to go live with the iBed system in late February. 

The iBed initiative will enhance patient and caregiver safety and reduce falls while helping improve nurse workflow efficiencies. The iBed connects to the hospital’s call system as well as the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR). Data from the iBed software is uploaded directly into the patient’s EMR. 

During admission to the hospital every patient is evaluated for fall risk. The data from the fall evaluation is entered into each patient’s electronic medical record. The iBed will automatically adjust with the appropriate fall prevention protocols based on the evaluation to ensure a safer patient experience. The iBed also enables clinical staff the ability to monitor the beds configuration and exit alarm activity in real-time.

“Our top priority is to provide each of our patients safe, high-quality care,” said Dan Allen, Chief Nursing Officer for McLeod Health Cheraw. “The iBed initiative plays a significant role in helping us protect our patients from preventable harm while in the hospital. Having this state-of-the-art technology will also allow us to improve our patient’s outcomes and optimize the patient experience as well as improve staff efficiencies.”

 Caption: Deana Sellers, Director of the Medical/Surgical unit at McLeod Health Cheraw is pictured with one of the Stryker iBeds that will be deployed to prevent falls.