McLeod Health Cheraw Hosts
Open House for New ICU


Dr. Travis Novinger, Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Health Cheraw, offers remarks during the Open House for the new Intensive Care Unit on June 11.

Local community members and media partners joined McLeod Health Cheraw healthcare workers for a sneak peek of the hospital’s newly constructed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on June 11. The event began outside on the campus lawn and consisted of physician speakers and hospital advisory board members.

Bren Lowe, Administrator of McLeod Health Cheraw, began the event by sharing how crucial the addition of the new Intensive Care Unit is for healthcare in the surrounding region. He was followed by Phillip Caulder, a member of the hospital’s Community Advisory Board, who recounted the times he needed critical care and emphasized what a blessing the facility is to Chesterfield and Marlboro County residents.

Dr. Travis Novinger, Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Health Cheraw, underscored the investment by McLeod Health into the hospital and the caregivers which directly benefits those living in the surrounding communities. “This new ICU is not only an investment in our hospital, but in in our towns and the people living in them, including me and my family. We live here and so do our families. We are neighbors who are caring for our neighbors. When we put someone in an ICU bed, we usually know that person and if we do not know them, we know their family or someone who does know them.

“We truly thank McLeod for investing in us and giving back to our communities. As a doctor who has worked here for more than 20 years, it is refreshing to see the new Emergency Department and now this beautiful, new ICU. It is encouraging to see an organization that is dedicated to our community. We all are important to McLeod Health,” added Dr. Novinger. “This is not only going to change lives – it will save lives.”

The program ended with a special prayer of dedication by Reverend Dr. Johnnie McLendon who is also a member of the hospital’s Community Advisory Board.

Small group tours of the new unit and refreshments were enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

The new ICU provides a significant increase in space from the former, decades old ICU, increasing the unit to six fully private rooms all while doubling the size of each room. The new ICU also greatly enhances the way McLeod Cheraw supports the needs of critically ill patients and their families during the most trying times of their lives.

The new Intensive Care Unit features include:

  • 6 fully private patient rooms – twice the size of the current ICU rooms – with a designated bedside area for family visitation.
  • State-of-the-art technology, including patient beds that allow for full 360-degree access to the patient.
  • Private family waiting area specifically designed to meet the needs of friends and family members of critically ill patients.
  • Improved storage areas provide quick access to all needed supplies within the unit, increasing efficient care.
  • Updated exterior windows to maximize daylight exposure to enhance healing and recovery.

The new ICU incorporates an evidence-based design that promotes an enhanced patient-focused experience and fosters the McLeod Health specialized team approach. This, combined with state-of-the-art technology, assures the highest level of safety, capabilities and expertise to benefit the patient.

Design elements also create a healing environment for patients and their families, with comfortable furnishings, soothing colors, peaceful artwork and noise-reducing measures.