McLeod Health Accepting SPECIFIC Donated Medical Supplies and Support


Honda of South Carolina Manufacturing employees donate Tyvek suits and safety glasses to McLeod Health for use by frontline medical teams caring for Coronavirus patients at McLeod Health.

McLeod Health continues to care for its patients in the midst of the challenge of COVID-19. Maintaining an adequate supply of appropriate, safe gowns, hand sanitizing products and personal protective equipment for frontline medical teams is one of the patient care goals.

“The organization is actively working to procure additional supplies to sustain us in the days ahead as community’s fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak,” said Lauren Snipes, Development Manager for the McLeod Health Foundation. “For businesses and individuals in our community who are looking for ways to get involved, like sewing masks with directions supplied by McLeod Health, worksites and pick up sites are also being designated.”

McLeod Health is now accepting donations of personal protective equipment and other essential medical supplies. To arrange your donation to McLeod Health or support, PLEASE call (843) 777-5082. PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF AT THE HOSPITALS OR OFFICES.

“If you have any of the supplies mentioned below, please consider donating them to help McLeod care for patients, providers and staff members,” added Snipes. “We anticipate a growing need for these items in the days and weeks ahead, and we are asking for our community’s help during these unprecedented times.”

McLeod Health is now accepting the following items (new or unused):

  • Gowns or body suits (Tyvek is a common brand name)
  • Clorox wipes or other viral-level disinfectants
  • Individual bottles of hand sanitizer
  • N95 respirator masks – any size
  • Surgical masks
  • Goggles for eye protection
  • Jumpsuits, painter’s suits, bunny suits – all sizes
  • Face shields
  • NITRILE gloves/clean (not sterile) gloves
  • Head covers/bouffant bonnets

AGAIN, to arrange your donation to McLeod Health or support PLEASE call (843) 777-5082. PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF AT THE HOSPITALS OR OFFICES.

Thank you in advance for your continued support as we face this challenge together.