McLeod Dillon Honors Volunteers Volunteer Week April 12-18


Volunteers have always played an important role in helping McLeod Dillon deliver the quality care to its patients. “The volunteers of McLeod Dillon help us keep the ‘person’ in personal care. We are very fortunate to have so many caring individuals from Dillon County and the surrounding areas who give so much back to the community through their volunteer efforts. I personally thank them for all they do,” said Candice Tyler, volunteer coordinator for the Adult, Teen and Chaplain Volunteer Programs.

Hospital Auxiliary
The Hospital Auxiliary promotes McLeod Dillon through its volunteer efforts. Volunteering many hours per month, they operate the Pink Dogwood gift shop, serve as hostesses at the Main Lobby Entrance, assist patients and staff member in the Cardiac Rehab and Physical Therapy outpatient areas, and give of their time at hospital functions, Red Cross blood drives and many other events throughout the year. Proceeds from the gift shop and several other annual fundraisers that are held throughout the year have been used to purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment for McLeod Dillon. The Auxiliary members have also established a scholarship fund to encourage deserving individuals in Dillon County to further their education in health-related careers. Scholarships are awarded annually.

Adult Volunteer Program
People from all walks of life in our community are given the opportunity to assist hospital staff in providing healthcare services. These volunteers work a minimum of 15 hours each month in any area of the hospital they are needed. They might be asked to run errands throughout the hospital, to answer the phone in a short-staffed area or to help stuff flyers in envelopes for an upcoming health education event. No job is too big or too small for them to tackle, and they do it with a smile. Our adult volunteers also play an important role in patient care. Due to illness or surgery, adult volunteers may need to assist a patient with writing a letter, reading cards or books. Sometimes they just visit with patients who have no other visitors. They have also been known to share homegrown flowers to brighten the day of patients and staff.

Hospital Chaplains Program
To better meet the spiritual needs of McLeod Dillon patients and their families, local ministers volunteer their services, on a rotating basis, to the hospital. They also spend a few hours making weekly visits with patients and attend to patients who ask to speak with a minister. Tyler said, “Our chaplains are an important part of our healing ministry; and are recognized as a part of the hospital service team."

Teen Volunteers
This program offers teens between the ages of 14 and 18 an opportunity to consider a healthcare career. They volunteer at least 20 hours per month during their summer vacations. These teens can work directly with hospital healthcare professionals to get hands-on experience that helps them in making career choices. The Teen Volunteers are a valuable asset to the hospital staff.

If you would like more information on these programs, please call (843) 487-1293.