McLeod Dillon Honored with Patient Satisfaction Platinum Award for Excellence in Patient Care Delivery


Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC) recognized the OB/GYN Unit at McLeod Medical Center Dillon as a 2013 PRC Platinum Achievement Award Winner for Patient Perception on at an awards luncheon June 4, 2013, held at the National PRC Conference. Hospital leaders from across the United States gathered here to participate in the 2013 PRC Excellence in Healthcare Conference hosted by PRC, a nationally-known healthcare marketing research company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

The award recognizes initiatives that McLeod Dillon OB/GYN Unit has implemented to enhance patients’ perceptions of care. All entries are judged by an independent panel of healthcare professionals. Judges consider innovation and originality, impact on patients’ perceptions, and impact on staff or work environment, among other criteria. Platinum, gold and silver awards were presented based on the compiled score of all judges. The McLeod Dillon OB/GYN Unit was recognized for their innovative work to create an excellent experience for their patients. Since the origination of this work, patient satisfaction scores have improved in each category of the survey’s eight domains – Nurses Communication; Doctors Communication; Staff Responsiveness; Pain Management; New Medicine Communication; Hospital Environment; Discharge Information; and Overall Rating.

Inpatient research is conducted by PRC to obtain the opinions of the patients at McLeod Dillon via telephone during a confidential interview to assess their perceptions of hospital operations and patient care. The research findings are then presented to the hospital to use in continuous improvement and enhancement of patient satisfaction. "We are thrilled to present McLeod Dillon with this National Excellence in Healthcare Award," said Joe M. Inguanzo, Ph.D., President and CEO of Professional Research Consultants.  "It was through their hard work, dedication and determination that they have made their facility a better place for the entire community.  In the past 30 years we’ve never seen hospitals more determined to exceed customers’ expectations.  Being recognized among the best of the best speaks to the passion of McLeod Dillon."

On June 25, 2013, representatives from McLeod Dillon and McLeod Health Service Excellence were panelists on a national PRC WebChat to share this innovative work with other PRC hospital clients.

Professional Research Consultants is in its 33rd year of providing marketing research for hospitals across the United States.