McLeod and City of Florence Partner to Open an On-Site Health Clinic



            McLeod Occupational Health and the City of Florence are pleased to announce the opening of an On-Site Health Clinic located in the City Center. The clinic is designed to manage and treat employees with injuries or work related illnesses. McLeod Health has partnered with 13 other businesses maintaining on-site clinics throughout Florence and Darlington County, the City of Florence makes number 14.

"We are excited about the opening of the City of Florence Health Clinic,’ said Dr. June Jones, Medical Director for McLeod Occupational Health. "The team from the City of Florence have been an enthusiastic group and a pleasure with which to work. With their long-standing commitment to health and wellness, they are truly dedicated to providing the best health care options for their employees. We believe this partnership between McLeod Health and City of Florence will prove beneficial to the entire well-being of their work force."    

Amanda Coleburn, McLeod Nurse Practitioner, has joined the City of Florence team to offer on-site health care for their employees. She has more than 34 years of experience in providing patient care at McLeod.

"The City of Florence is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with McLeod Health to provide an option for convenient and timely access to healthcare as we continue to invest in the well-being of our workforce and also find innovative ways to control the organization’s healthcare spending," said Mayor, Stephen J. Wukela.

The health clinic will focus on three primary areas; workplace injury, acute sickness, and long term wellness. One expectation for this new clinic is to promote the health and wellness of the city work force – a goal of the City’s Employee Wellness Program.

"The City of Florence Employee Wellness Program has been in place since 1985, making Florence a leading municipality in the state of South Carolina to offer a free, voluntary program to educate and motivate employees toward health and wellness," said Mayor Wukela. "The City’s current employee-led Wellness Program offers employees the opportunity to enjoy free/subsidized memberships at local fitness facilities as they pursue their health goals. The program offers wellness presentations and events, monthly blood pressure screenings and an annual Health Fair where employees can visit vendors, speak to area health professionals and receive free screenings. One of Amanda’s responsibilities will be the management of this program."

"A fundamental goal of the city’s management team is to provide a cost effective and positive work environment, said City Manager, Drew Griffin. "We also understand that health care costs are significant to the city’s operations and recognize that health care programs are an important benefit to our employees. We firmly believe that the addition of an on-site nurse practitioner clinic will advance our goals. It is our expectation that the return will outweigh the investment with a reduction of lost work time for sickness and doctor’s appointments, preventative care for early detection of major health care concerns, and lower future health care costs for the City of Florence."  

The City of Florence, like many other industry clients, understands the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce. The benefits of having a McLeod On-Site clinic include a reduction in direct health care costs, increased productivity, fewer lost work hours, improved employee job satisfaction and morale, and lower turnover rates.