Appointments Available for Phase 1B at the McLeod Health Mass Vaccination Event at Darlington Raceway


McLeod Receives a Special Exemption to Move to Phase 1B for March 5th Event

McLeod Health in partnership with the Darlington Raceway has received a special exemption to move to Phase 1B for the March 5th mass vaccination clinic due to the availability of the vaccine. Appointments are available by calling 1-866-365-8110 or can be made online at

On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster announced that the state would move to Phase 1B for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution as of Monday, March 8th.

Phase 1B includes:

  • Anyone aged 55 and up
  • People with increased risk for severe COVID-19 disease
    • People aged 16-64 with one or more of the following high-risk medical conditions:
      • Cancer (current, not a history of cancer), chronic kidney disease (any stage), chronic lung disease, diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), Down syndrome, heart disease (congestive heart disease, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, pulmonary hypertension), HIV/AIDS, solid organ transplant, obesity (BMI >30), pregnancy, sickle cell disease.
    • People who have a developmental or other severe high-risk disability that makes developing severe life-threatening illness or death from COVID-19 infection more likely
  • Frontline workers with increased occupational risk
    • Frontline workers with increased occupational risk are people who:
      • Must be in-person at their place of work, and
      • Perform a job that puts them at increased risk of exposure due to their frequent, close (less than6 feet) and ongoing (more than 15 minutes) contact with others in the work environment
      • Examples of frontline workers include but are not limited to school staff and daycare workers, manufacturing workers, grocery store workers, law enforcement officers, etc.
  • Individuals at increased risk in settings where people are living and working in close contact
    • Residents and workers in group home settings for the mentally or physically disabled or those with behavioral or substance abuse conditions
    • Workers and residents in homeless shelters
    • Workers and residents in community training homes
    • State and local correctional facility staff with direct inmate contact
    • Correctional and immigration detention facility inmates
    • Migrant farmworkers living in shared housing or reliant on shared transportation
    • All workers in healthcare and community health settings who have routine, direct patient contact and were not vaccinated in Phase 1a

McLeod Health, in cooperation with Darlington Raceway and a large number of community partners, emergency management support, SCDHEC and city officials in Darlington, SC, is offering this drive through event which is beneficial for those with mobility issues as attendees will not be required to exit their vehicles to receive the vaccine. Carpooling is also encouraged as long as seating for car window access is available to make it easier to receive the vaccine.

Clinic attendees will enter the Racetrack at Gate 40 located on Hwy 151.  The vaccine event will take patients through the infamous Racetrack “Tunnel” and onto the Racetrack Infield where they will receive their vaccine at the Racetrack Cup Garage.

McLeod Health has received a surplus of Moderna doses for this event. Moderna requires two doses spaced at least 28 days or four weeks apart. You must get both doses of the same brand of the vaccine. For those who receive their first dose at the Darlington Raceway event they will be able to return for their “final lap” second dose on Thursday, April 1.

“We are honored to partner with McLeod Health in this tremendous community health outreach event. Both our teams desire the same outcome – improved health and quality of life for all our people,” stated Kerry Tharp, President of Darlington Raceway.

“Your Checkered Flag to Better Health” at the Darlington Raceway
1301 Harry Byrd Hwy, Darlington, SC 29532
Clinic attendees will enter the Racetrack at Gate 40 located on Hwy 151.
Please bring your ID or driver’s license to verify your age and 1A status at each event.