Jeannette Glenn Uses Estate Planning to "Give Forward" to Cancer Patients and Their Families


When Jeannette Glenn began her career at McLeod in 1966, a patient diagnosed with early-stage cancer was routinely sent to the Medical University of South Carolina or Duke for their care. Families were uprooted and carried a heavy financial burden to be with their loved ones.

When McLeod Oncologist Dr. Michael Pavy arrived in Florence in the early 1980s, Jeannette had the honor to work with him to plan the initial curriculum to train nurses and staff in caring for a cancer patient.

Some years later, cancer personally affected Jeannette when her beloved husband, Rodney, was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in 1997. They were sent to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York for surgery.

Jeannette and Rodney were blessed to learn Dr. Pavy was able to provide them with the appropriate treatments recommended by Sloan-Kettering in Florence. They were able to come home and be with their family and the McLeod family. For six months, they were provided support medically, emotionally and spiritually by these two sets of families before Rodney passed away. In 2000, McLeod Health President Rob Colones asked Jeannette to take the reins as Vice President of Cancer Services. Working with a dedicated team of professionals, she was able to realize her dream to build a stronger cancer center at McLeod Health.

In August of 2008, Jeannette’s first-born daughter, Michelle Carey, who had become a mother the year before, was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer. Their saving grace was that because the cancer program was so advanced, Michelle was able to stay in Florence, surrounded by her family, and spend precious moments with her baby. Michelle’s battle was not to be won, and she passed away in the loving care of her family and McLeod Hospice.

Recently, Jeannette made the decision to significantly support the new McLeod Cancer Center. She was able to make a larger impact by including a beneficiary designation on her life insurance policy. This commitment was forged in the belief that she wanted to give forward so that named and unnamed patients and families may experience the unmatched care, compassion, commitment and excellence that art and science can provide right here at McLeod Health in Florence.

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