Gracie the Cat


(6/16/08) –
Gracie the Cat
An Angel in Disguise

Editor’s Note: This letter was recently given to the staff of McLeod Hospice by Tiffany Miles, the family member of a patient.

Angels really do come in all shapes and sizes. Gracie is well known here at McLeod Hospice House, but for more than most people would think. She is more than just a cute, cuddly kitten, she is an inspiration to people’s lives. I first met Gracie when my uncle became ill and was transferred to the Hospice House. My family was devastated but the Hospice staff was amazing. During this time, we were first introduced to this angel in disguise. Gracie is a crucial part of the Hospice staff. No, she may not be able to speak or save lives, but the hope and joy she brings to the patients and their families makes her vital to the McLeod Hospice House. If you watch her closely, you will notice she is the perfect pet. It is as if she knows exactly what to do. She brings hope and comfort in the last days of these patients’ lives. She provides the same care for the families. I have watched her loving spirit as she frolics around the courtyard. The ambience she gives off radiates like no light you will ever see. As I watch her, she reminds me that there is hope beyond the loss of a loved one. Even as tears run down my face from the sadness I have felt these past few days, watching Gracie has brought a smile to my face and seems to have relieved some of the pain I’ve felt. Gracie will make a person understand that God does create miracles in all shapes and sizes because she is definitely a miracle.

Gracie, a stray kitten was adopted by the McLeod Hospice House in November. She literally ran between a nurse’s legs to get in the facility, so the staff felt compelled to keep her as they had just been discussing the positive effect pets can have on patients. Gracie lives in the Hospice House courtyard. If a patient or family member comes out and sits in the courtyard, she will usually appear at their feet. If they acknowledge her, she will get on the bench beside them and eventually end up in their lap.