A Grateful Family, Inspired to Give


Thomas and Gray Hunter are grateful for the specialized women’s and newborn care they received at McLeod Regional Medical Center during the birth of their baby girl.

When the day finally came for Thomas and Gray Hunter to welcome their first child, Marion Gray, into the world, they fully expected a routine birth. There were no complications until the day of delivery.

Joy quickly turned to fear when the McLeod staff discovered the umbilical cord tightly wrapped around Marion’s neck.
Gray’s physician quickly decided that emergency actions were needed to treat the baby.

“Both Marion and I lost a lot of blood,” explained Gray.

When Marion did not cry, the situation became even more frightful. The newborn was rushed to the McLeod Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where she was given a blood transfusion.

Several hours later, Thomas and Gray visited Marion in the NICU. Marion’s skin, still blue from the lack of blood, made her “look so helpless with all the tubes and wires coming out of her,” recalled Gray.

Finally, Marion’s color returned. Although Marion was now in good condition, the stress of the day rendered Gray unable to produce breastmilk.

Knowing how vital breastfeeding is to the health of both the child and the mother, a McLeod Lactation Consultant worked with Gray on her breastfeeding techniques.

Thanks to its talented and dedicated labor and delivery staff, as well as the region’s only NICU, McLeod ensured not only that Gray was mother to a healthy baby girl, but that she and her child would reap the many benefits breastfeeding provides.

“The fact that McLeod has a NICU could have been the difference in life or death for Marion. I thank God for McLeod every night,” said Gray.

Thomas is also extremely thankful for the high level of care provided at McLeod Children’s Hospital, which would not be possible without support from the McLeod Health Foundation, he explained.

“The McLeod Health Foundation plays a crucial role in helping to ensure the availability of certain services within the McLeod Health system. After our daughter utilized the services of the Children’s Hospital, I have a much deeper appreciation for the impact each donor has on individual patients.”

This appreciation has led Thomas and Gray to become donors to the McLeod Foundation themselves.

“Contributions to the McLeod Health Foundation,” said Thomas, “allow you to have an impact on the community that is very tangible and extremely rewarding.”