Fitness Challenges Begin At Center For Health & Fitness


(3/21/12) – The Center for Health & Fitness, located on the campus of McLeod Loris, will soon launch their latest weight loss competition

The six- week program is designed to motivate members who are in pursuit of weight loss or simply looking for a variety in their workout. The competition will encourage participants to take advantage of special classes, programs, educational lectures and other wellness opportunities. Through a weekly weigh-in, each member’s progress will be tracked throughout the 6-week program. Initial weigh- in will be on March 26. The member successfully losing the highest percentage of the body weight will receive two months free membership to the Center for Health & Fitness.

“Our goal is to promote weight loss for all age groups,” said Angie Hill, Lead Fitness Specialist. “Everyone wants to look and feel better and this is a fun and challenging way to do it.”

For members who want to show off their strength, the Bench Press Strength Competition is the contest for them. The contest will take place April 22 – May 5 and is open to members of all ages.
Participants will schedule a session during the week at which time they will determine the amount of weight they can bench press. They will have three chances that day to lift their predetermined weight selection. The overall winner of the competition will be the participant who bench presses the highest percentage of their body weight. For their accomplishment, they will receive one month free membership at the Center for Health & Fitness.

Opportunities for non-members to join in the fun are also available. If you are not a member of the Center for Health & Fitness, you can still come in and participate in the Cardio Dance Party. It is a dance aerobics class designed for anyone and dance experience is not necessary.
“This class is low impact aerobics to upbeat, fun music,” Hill said. “Just come out and have fun while you exercise. “

The class is held on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. and you can start at any time. It is free to members of the Center. A guess pass can be purchased if you attend with a member for $5.00. If you attend alone, it will only be $8.00 to participate.

“We encourage everyone to get out, exercise and lead healthier lives,” said Hill. “We have membership packages designed to meet each member’s individual needs. We’re here to help you achieve your fitness goals.”

For more information about membership packages available at the Center for Health & Fitness or about upcoming classes and events, please call (843)716-7111.