Exciting New Home for McLeod Pediatric Rehabilitation


(6/30/09) –
McLeod Pediatric Rehabilitation, as it is now known, has moved to a new location. The relocation of services was vital to improving the care offered to pediatric patients and it has provided a more convenient location for the majority of families served. The new clinic is now centrally located in the Pinewood Village Shopping Center on Second Loop Road (Piggly Wiggly Plaza). The street address for McLeod Pediatric Rehab is 440 Second Loop Road, Florence.

The new facility, funded by contributions to the McLeod Foundation, offers a state-of-the-art environment for promoting successful therapeutic experiences for the children. Every inch of space has been designed to promote a sense of belonging to children of all ages. The color schemes, treatment rooms, and equipment were carefully designed and selected to appeal to the children and to encourage attendance and participation in therapy. Below are a few of the exciting new additions to the program:

  • Individual speech therapy rooms
  • Little Red Schoolhouse occupational therapy treatment room
  • Quiet room for working with children with ADD & ADHD
  • Large front gym with an indoor play structure and other modern equipment to address mobility needs
  • Second gym with hopscotch, wall bars and mirrors for gait and balance, and other therapy equipment
  • 40 foot by 50 foot outdoor treatment area with a large play structure to address balance and mobility with all of the children