Blood Conservation Services Hosts Annual Seminar


Pictured from left to right: Versy London, Blood Conservation Coordinator; Latrae Woodberry, RN; Dr. Michael Rose, Chief Innovation Officer; Frances Caldwell, RN and Blood Conservation Services Manager; Sonny Barnes, Esq. Director of Risk Management; Johnnie Heathman, LPN; and Sue Anderson, RN.

Patient Blood Management… Self-Advocacy was the theme of the 2018 McLeod Blood Conservation Services Seminar held on Saturday, November 17 at the McLeod Medical Plaza. During the seminar, nearly 200 community members in attendance learned how good patient care begins with self-advocacy.

The program opened with Dr. Mike Rose, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer for McLeod Health, introducing the need for blood conservation and availability of bloodless alternatives for medical and surgical treatment. Dr. Rose, former Medical Director of McLeod Blood Conservation Services, initiated the blood conservation program at McLeod.

Dr. Carolyn Reynolds, Medical Director of the McLeod Surgical Home, spoke on the importance of patient self-advocacy. As a Perioperative and Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Reynolds expressed the importance of patients knowing their hemoglobin and hematocrit numbers as a standard for anyone advocating better health. She also explained how these numbers can decrease and lead to anemia and provided ways patients can improve their numbers.

Sonny Barnes, Esq., Director of Risk Management for McLeod Health, presented on the importance of having a Healthcare Power of Attorney. Through this document, individuals can ensure their healthcare wishes are carried out if an unexpected medical event occurs and they are unable to speak for themselves.

Participants also enjoyed a demonstration of a cell salvage machine presented by Andrew McNeil, RN, Director of the McLeod Regional Medical Center Operating Rooms. The cell salvage machine is used during surgical procedures for patients who choose not to accept blood transfusions.

Blood conservation offers an alternative for those who want to limit or completely avoid the use of a blood transfusion in their medical or surgical treatment. The McLeod Blood Conservation program provides individualized options for patients with the goal of increasing the delivery of oxygen in the body by raising the red blood cell production or by minimizing red blood cell loss in the event of surgery.

Utilizing an impeccable attention to patient preparation, very sophisticated surgical techniques, and an almost exquisite observation of every detail post-operatively, this type of approach allows physicians to treat patients without using additional blood products in a manner where the patient retains enough of their own blood for surgery. Many medical procedures such as heart, knee, stomach, and colon surgeries can be performed without a blood transfusion.

McLeod Blood Conservation Services uses a team approach to assess a patient’s blood management needs and develops a plan of care that uses the latest medication, technology, and techniques to decrease blood loss and enhance an individual’s own blood supply.

The McLeod Blood Conservation Team includes participating physicians, nurses and, technicians who fully understand and support the treatment of patients with non-blood products and techniques.

For more information on the McLeod Blood Conservation Program or to speak with a Blood Conservation Nurse Liaison, please call (843)-777-8284.