A Letter From the CEO of McLeod Health


To Our McLeod Family:

These are unprecedented times, and we are working as a team to care for our patients, staff and visitors, as well as provide support to educate the communities we serve.

It is my hope you and your family are well, as we all deal with life’s complications caused by COVID-19.  From closed schools, child care, and business disruptions for your families to changes in hospital visitor policies and protocols, these issues are posing many challenges.

At McLeod, you have been trained for this work, to anticipate the clinical needs of patients and to work diligently to help patients navigate this extraordinary health situation. I am extremely grateful for your tireless efforts, compassion and relentless focus on patient safety and quality care.

What we know about COVID-19 evolves every day. Our continuing decisions and communications will reflect this fluid environment. Throughout McLeod, teams are working on infection control, maintenance of needed supplies and availability of medical equipment to ensure that we can meet the needs of our patients from the midlands to the coast. We have established a modified incident command system for this health emergency and each facility is meeting several times a day to assess issues and system needs.

We are asking everyone to remain vigilant in supporting limitations to patient visitation, stewardship of supplies, and review of policies in preparation for the days ahead. All of these are strategies designed to help control the spread of the virus and mitigate its impact on or community.  Communicate to your directors and leaders if you have questions as we are asking them to routinely provide you with updates and additional information.

Remember, we are McLeod, a community of people serving each other and our patients with the same mission and vision that has guided us for more than 100 years — to be the choice for medical excellence and demonstrate respect and compassion in our daily work.

I urge everyone to support each other as we manage this national event together.


Rob Colones
President & CEO of McLeod Health