More than 136,000 Kids Visit ER from Fire and Burn Injuries


McLeod Safe Kids Pee Dee/Coastal provides top 4 tips to help parents keep kids safe from burns and scalds during National Burn Awareness Week

(Florence, SC, January 31, 2017) – The smell of cookies baking in the oven or delicious sauces simmering on the stovetop is hard to resist for kids but too many are suffering from burns and scalds that could be prevented.

National Burn Awareness Week, led by the American Burn Association, is an annual observance during the first full week in February.

“Among young children, scalds caused by hot liquids or steam are the most common types of burn-related injuries,” said Marla Blaker, McLeod Safe Kids Pee Dee/Coastal Coordinator. “During National Burn Awareness Week (February 6-10), McLeod Safe Kids Pee Dee/Coastal wants to remind parents about a few simple tips to help avoid harmful burns and scalds.”

McLeod Safe Kids Pee Dee/Coastal recommends the following 4 tips to prevent scalds:

  1. Adjust your water heater. With everything going on, we know the water heater is the last thing on your mind. But a small adjustment can give you one less thing to worry about. To prevent accidental scalding, set your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or the manufacturer’s recommended setting.
  2. Don’t carry or hold a child while cooking. Instead, move a high chair in the kitchen within reach or sight before you start. Then, talk to your children so they know what’s going on. It’s a great way to spend time together.
  3. Use the back burners. Kids love to reach, so to prevent hot food or liquid spills in the kitchen, simply use the back burner of your stove and turn pot handles away from the stove edge. Keep hot foods away from the edge of your counters.
  4. Place matches, gasoline, and lighters in a safe place, out of children’s reach. Avoid novelty lighters or lighters that look like toys.

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