12th Class of McLeod Fellows Graduate


Pictured from left to right: (seated) Rev. Mary Finklea, Heather Greenberg and Clarissa White; (standing) Jule Eldridge, John Brand, Kerry Tharp, Tommy Pruitt, Mark Palmer, Craig Martin and Ron Glancy. Not pictured: Stephen Fowler, Charlie Ipock, Donald Nance, Roger Sloan, Lauren Stanton and Katie Wilcox.

The McLeod Fellows Class of 2018 graduated on May 8, 2018. Rob Colones, President of McLeod Health, Marie Saleeby, Administrator of McLeod Regional Medical Center, and John Braddy, Chairman of the McLeod Health Board of Trustees, joined the McLeod Foundation in welcoming this group of leaders who represent the 12th Class of McLeod Fellows.

The McLeod Foundation annually offers the McLeod Fellows program in an effort to engage and recruit community leaders to become advocates for McLeod Health. During eight monthly sessions, the Fellows receive a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at medicine and the complex issues driving healthcare today.