Running Tips: Runners…Try strength training doing single leg exercises!!

Running is basically hopping from foot to foot for miles and miles. Therefore, it is important to build solid balance in your pelvis so you don’t have to balance yourself every time you take a step when running. When your pelvis is stabilized, your entire body, gait and stride become more stable too. Make sure your form with double leg exercises (squats, deadlifts, bridges, etc.) is perfect before you take on the challenge of single leg exercises. Below is a good mix of single limb exercises:

Bulgarian Split Squats
Keep the lead knee behind your toes. Drop your hips straight down and back. Stand up straight. To add weight, add a barbell over your shoulders, or hold a dumbbell in the opposite hand as the lead leg.
Romanian Single leg Deadlift
Start from standing. Keep a straight line from your shoulders to the back ankle. Keep your hips square to the ground. To add weight, hold a dumbbell in the opposite hand as the grounded leg.
Quadruped Hip Extension
Keep the back flat and core tight. Isolate movement from the hip, and do not let the back extend. Quality of movement is much more important than how high the leg goes.

Single leg Hip Lift
Bring one knee to your chest while pushing through the ground with your heel of the other leg to raise your hips.

The information presented is offered only as something to consider in your quest for health and well-being. Always consult your healthcare provider before making any lifestyle changes.


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