Breast Imaging at McLeod

Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging at McLeod is Equipped with the Region’s Only Eight-Channel Biopsy Table

Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) allows radiologists to look inside the breast without having to perform surgery or flatten the breast (as in a Mammogram). Breast MRI is used as a supplement to mammography and ultrasound imaging for the detection and treatment monitoring of breast cancer and other possible breast abnormalities. It can provide detailed images of the soft-tissues, and thus is useful in distinguishing between scar tissue and recurrent tumors, determining breast implant integrity, monitoring treatment with chemotherapy, staging of breast cancer before surgery, screening for breast cancer in women who have scar tissue or implants, and providing further information to make treatment decisions.

DynaCAD Imaging System

McLeod Breast MRI now features the DynaCAD imaging system, an advanced computer-aided-detection (CAD) system. DynaCAD provides McLeod radiologists with a number of new tools for enhancing current breast MRI diagnostic services, and provides more detailed information related to breast MRI exams.

The tools integrated in the DynaCAD system allows for breast MRI imaging enhancements and improves diagnostic accuracy. The system includes an automatic search for suspicious regions of interest in a breast MRI image based on shape and blood flow.

In addition, the DynaCAD interventional planning module assists with interventional procedures, such as breast biopsies, by eliminating calculation and spatial orientation errors involved. The system automatically calculates the coordinates necessary for the interventional approach, and provides a graphical indication of the correct entry point – significantly reducing the potential for human error.